Our Primary Goal

At CCS our obligation to clients is to maximize the return of every dollar assigned. We are often able to offset a good portion of your collection expense by demanding and collecting allowed finance charges. We are successful in accomplishing this goal because of our extensive experience, legal knowledge, and negotiation skills.

What Sets Us Apart

First and foremost, we view our company as an extension of your credit department and take pride in achieving long term relationships with all of our clients. We are always available to discuss and strategize with you and lend our opinion and recommendations about your credit needs. We make every effort to return all calls and respond to all client emails the same day. Whether you’re new to credit and collections or an experienced credit professional, we welcome your questions and will assist you to the best of our ability. 

Why we are successful

We make every effort to improve your position by obtaining a promissory note with a personal guarantee obtaining additional security as needed. Because we have such a large client base in particular industries, we often handle numerous claims against a particular business, which, at times, gives us additional leverage to help collect your balance.